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  • 1. Din Electronics series equivalent resistance is widely used in frequency conversion equipment..
  • 2. Din Electronics thin film capacitor provides power factor improvement and harmonic elimination.

Therefore Din electronics series equivalent resistance filter capacitors can be used to eliminate harmonics to improve grid quality.

DIN electronic’s thin film capacitors provide 4 big advantages which make them widely used in frequency conversion equipment.

1. High working voltage range: Our equivalent capacitance in series is capable of handling higher voltage levels without breaking down or experiencing electrical failure.

2. Low dissipation: Our thin film capacitors minimize the energy loss during the operation.

3. Self-healing: Our series equivalent resistance filter capacitors are capable of recovering and maintaining their functionality even after experiencing partial breakdown/damage.

4. Long Life: Our thin film capacitors are cost-effectiveness due to their long life, providing extra reliability for your circuits.

AC filter capacitors and power factor compensation capacitors have the same features as power electronic capacitors. Our series equivalent resistance filter capacitors come with full dry and safety explosion-proof devices, which make them wildly used in AC filter devices and compensation devices.

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