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  • 1. Smart energy meter are widely used in reduction voltage products .

  • 2. Our electronic energy meter are commonly used in carrier signal transmission circuit. 

As the global smart meters function is becoming more and more intelligent, long-term storage and display function is indispensable. The use of film capacitor can completely realize the function, and have more advantages than using battery capacity.

Our 3 phase energy meter provides low equivalent series resistant (ESR), suitable for high current dischrage can have a long life.

Our electronic energy meter provides a large current charge and discharge time that is short, easy to charge the circuit, and has no memory effect. The electric double-layer supercapacitor charging is a physical process of charging and discharging or rapid and reversible chemical processes on the surface of the electrode material. Our smart energy meter can use large current charging and, in a few seconds to a few minutes, complete the charging process, which is a real quick charge.

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