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  • 1. Our photovoltaic inverters are widely used in DC bus support circuit.

  • 2. DIN electronics’ photovoltaic inverters are perfect to use in IGBT peak adsorption circuit.

  • 3. Our Dc filter is commonly used in DC blocking circuit.

  • 4. DIN Electronic’s AC filter capacitors are widely used in AC filter circuit.

With the urgent need for new energy, the photovoltaic industry has evolved rapidly. Din Electronic’s photovoltaic inverters are widely used in the photovoltaic industry.

Our DC filter link capacitors, IGBT absorption capacitors, AC filter capacitors, and resonant capacitors have been well-recognized by photovoltaic inverter customers. Some advantages that our photovoltaic inverter product provides are:

1.LOW ESR: Our photovoltaic inverter provides efficient energy storage and release, maintains high stability and performance, and reduces heat generation, which ultimately enhances a circuit’s efficiency.

2.Small size: Our DC filter link capacitor comes with a small, compact design, which helps space, improves portability, and reduces weight.

3.High voltage working range: Din Electronics photovoltaic inverter is capable of working in a high voltage working range, which provides extra compatibility, safety, and reliability.

4.High insulation resistance: All of our photovoltaic inverter products, including DC filter link capacitors and AC filter capacitors, have a high insulation resistance, which helps prevent short circuits and maintain signal integrity.

When you need projects, we have it covered.

C41 DC-Link Capacitors

C42 DC-Link Capacitors

C52 GTO Axial Absorbing Capacitors

C76 AC-Filter Capacitors

C82 Resonance Capacitors

C86 Resonance Capacitors