C82 038
C82 038

C82 Resonance Capacitors

The C82 resonant capacitors a high-voltage film capacitors that come in a plastic box with tinned copper wire and a compact size for easy installation. The C82 polypropylene capacitor also features a high voltage, heavy current resistance, and low running temperature which leads long product lifetime.

C82 resonant capacitors are widely used in series and parallel resonant circuits to absorb and protect the peak voltage and peak current.


Polypropylene Film




700V.DC ~3000 V.DC

Capacitance Range

0.1µF ~8.0µF

searchProduct details

  1. C82 resonant capacitors feature high voltage and heavy current resistance.

  2. C82 polypropylene capacitor offers low running temperature which leads long lifetime.

  3. C82 high-voltage film capacitors came with a small compact design for easy installation.

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