Due to the excellent characteristics of film capacitor has been widely used in electronic circuits.According to the different requirements of different electronic circuits, can be applied to different features of film capacitor to meet the requirements.

The characteristics of the metallized film capacitor is a layer of metal film on the surface of polyester film evaporation instead of metal foil as the electrode, because the thickness of the metallized film is far less than the metal foil, so after the winding volume is much smaller than the foil capacitive The biggest advantage of metallized film capacitor is "self-healing" features.So-called self-healing properties is if the film dielectric due to defects in at some point and under the effect of overvoltage occurrence breakdown short circuit, and breakdown point of metallized layer can be melt in arc under the action of instantaneous evaporation and form a small metal free zone, the capacitance of the two pole piece to insulation and still can continue to work, thus greatly improve the reliability of the capacitor.

And now on the basis of the new security class film capacitor, in film production as the fuse of the class structure, let the capacitance in case of over voltage or short circuit conditions to fuse to restore function, from the analysis on principle, security film capacitor should be no short circuit failure mode, and the metal foil capacitor will appear a lot of short circuit failure phenomenon.

X2 film capacitor

The capacitor is used in the machine power supply of electromagnetic interference suppression circuit X do, work at power frequency ac circuit, the capacitor is not allowed due to abnormal fluctuations power supply failure modes such as short circuit and fire.The capacitance in process on the structure of low melting point of zinc aluminum metallized film layer, and adopt appropriate flame retardant performance achieved UL94 / V - level 0 standard epoxy resin and plastic shell, thus ensures the rapid breakdown has extremely fast self-healing properties and flame retardant properties.So can restrain the interference in the power supply circuit must be used after national statutory certification safety certification of ac thin film capacitor, and cannot use dc capacitor.

Axial capacitor

The capacitance due to the different structures, have very good filtering effect, be widely used in audio frequency division.

Snubber capacitor

Circuit device damage, are generally suffered too much in the device in the process of switch di/dt and dv/dt or caused by the impact of the instantaneous power consumption.The role of the buffer circuit is to change the device switch, control all kinds of transient overvoltage, to reduce the loss of switch device to ensure the safety of the device.Protection circuit for IGBT high frequency pulse absorbedare widely used in inverter. Electric welding machine. UPS and other products.

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