Capacitor is one of three passive electronic components (resistance, capacitance and inductance), is the indispensable basis for power electronic components in electronic circuit, the resistance of dc, ac characteristics, widely used in power supply circuit, signal circuit, play to bypass, decoupling, filter, energy storage, coupling, oscillation/synchronization, time constant, and so on. the dosage of one of the largest capacitor application is divided into consumer electronic passive components, new energy core device class (including industrial applications), energy storage three levels.

Consumer electronic passive components - consumer electronics is still the most main downstream application of capacitor, the capacitor in the field of low voltage rise to bypass, filtering, and other functions.

New energy core component (including industrial applications) - capacitor in industrial applications include industrial power supply, lighting, communications, frequency conversion electrical appliances, etc., the application of new energy is currently the fastest growing niche, Snubber capacitor is one of the core component of inverter circuit, can absorb the high pulse current, under transient overvoltage, smooth filtering and the output voltage, and other functions, in the inverter, wind power converter, new energy vehicles, such as server, frequency converter is widely used, the unit price is high, in the photovoltaic inverter costs accounted for about 8%.The rise of new energy application to high voltage capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors in the application of high-power rapid ascension, the future will also is expected to maintain rapid growth.

Energy storage - capacitor energy storage market has just started, the super capacitor characteristics of large capacity can be directly as energy storage module, belong to the physical energy storage, are fast charge and discharge, discharge power, long cycle life and other advantages, the future hybrid supercapacitors to further improve the energy density will effectively enhance the overall performance of the super capacitor, and is expected to quickly expand applications.

Although aluminum electrolysis and ceramic capacitor occupy the vast majority of the market, occupying 34% and 34% respectively.But we like the film capacitor (especially high voltage film capacitor), super capacitor market share will rapidly increase: film capacitance become mainstream - normally, new energy field film capacitor compared with the aluminum electrolytic capacitor voltage is not high, but high voltage film capacitor with metallized foil self-healing, become the mainstream in the field of new energy capacitance.

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