Because film capacitor has many excellent properties, so it is a kind of good performance capacitor. The main features including no polarity, high insulation resistance, excellent frequency characteristic (broad frequency response), and the dielectric loss is very small.Based on the above advantages, so the film capacitor is widely used in analog circuit.Especially in the part of signal coupling, must use good frequency characteristic and low dielectric loss capacitors to ensure that in the signal transmission, does not occurtoo big distortion.

At present, the film capacitor widely apply to energy-saving lamps, household appliances, new energy vehicles, smart grid, wind power, photovoltaic , rail transportation and other fields.With the widespread use of the downstream market, film capacitor industry market is growing rapidly.

In recent years, new energy automotive industry frequency warm wind blowing, tesla free opening its patented technology;Related city increasing charging pile construction, increase the intensity of subsidies.The improvement of the new energy automobile's capacity to infrastructure, technology and related policy.From the industry attribute,it is different from other aspects of new energy automobile supply chain.In new energy vehicles ,film capacitor industry will no overcapacity and excessive competition problems.

Therefore, the future of film capacitor applications in new energy fileds and new energy vehicles will be the main development direction.In general,three places of the vehicles car will use film capacitor for storage, motor and electric control.In the design of new energy vehicles power part, need to adopt the application of high pressure condenser for smoothing and filtering, The car interior have a bad work environment that usually requires capacitor have a strong performance ofhigh temperature resistant , high reliability and long life.Compare to aluminum electrolytic capacitor, film capacitor has a great advantage.So the first generation of hybrid electric vehicle was used the aluminum electrolytic capacitors,while the second generation is start using film capacitors...

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