Capacitor is one of the basic components of electric circuit and have an improtant and extensive used .According to the appllication,it usually divided to four parts, exchange coupling , bypass, decoupling , active and passive RC filter or frequency selective network.

Around with the new energy automotive industry policy and promote the use of new energy vehicles.It will have a large demands for film capacitor.The car interior usually in poor working conditional so that needs the film capacitor have high temperature resistant ,high reliability and long life. Compare with aluminum electrolytic capacitor it has a great advantage.

The main film capacitors use in the new energy electric vehicle are MKP-FS,MKP-HR and X2 etc.They have high pressure resistance ,high ripple current and high dv/dt tolerance.It can replace aluminum electrolytic capacitor and have better performance and longer life. At present, the film capacitor large apply to energy-saving lamps,household appliances,new energy vehicles,wind power and solar system etc.

Country also advocated using wind energy,solar energy etc. These also belong to the clean energy.so more and more companies when design of solar power ,wind power nangement system may select film capacitors. Mainly about high voltage, large capacity .For example in the solar and wind power system, there were three areas use film capacitor to replace aluminium capacitors because it have high performance and longer life. There may use a MKP-HS capacitor in the IGBT to do absorption then there is a DC-Link capacitor in the conversion process,that acts as the filter of energy storage .The third is a X2 capacitor to anti-interference capacity. With the widespread use of the market, film capacitor industry markets is growing rapidly.

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