Customers take IC card to the electricity board to pay for the electronic power, and electricity board use electricity management write the electricity in the IC card. Then people swipe to get electricity, taking IC card away. The howler alarming and stop supplying power when the residual electricity is equal to the low battery warming, at this time, people may swipe to get electricity. When the electricity is power off, if you want to have power again, you must pay again.

Through the development of high-tech products in recent years, electronic smart meter was founded on the basis of e-meters. It’s structure and working principle are different from the traditional induction watt-hour meter. Electronic smart meter was made up of electron component, the working principle of them is simple.

Also the principle of X2 capacitor at the beginning of designning for the product line is usually simple. For example, EMI filter used in the electronic product using the common topology  structure, is easy to select capacitance value. X-CON is placed in between the trunk and the midline phrase. Without theoretical limit, capacitance is usually between 0.1 and 1.0 uF. Y-CON is placed in the trunk or between the centerline and the chassis grounding, and the capacitor needs to be selected as small as possible. For most of the design, 4700 pF is the most ideal. All of the components must meet the standards of safety and performance, including UL 94 V-0, ENEC and EN 123400, etc.


Diversified Use Of Metallized Film Capacitor (Smart Meters)

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