Since the electrification, auto electrical system voltage and the output power has greatly improved, key electronic components have more strict pressure on impact resistance ability. The change of working conditions on the performance of the electronic capacitance in the system components put forward new requirements, pulling the car industry demand for film capacitor.

Capacitors is a necessary component of electronic terminal products, making an important role in electronic system. Currently, high voltage and high power metallized film capacitors are widely used in rail transit, hybrid cars, wind, solar, LED and energy saving, etc. As the manufacturing level for electronic product become more and more strict, new requirements were brought up by the system vendors’s engineers and purchasing staff. Engineers of Shenzheng Chuangshiding Electronic Co., Ltd. point out that in industry and power supply applications, system vendors tend to the capacitors with high capacity, low ESR and small volume. In cars and new energy applications, they prefer to the high requirements of life, voltage and reliability.

Generally speaking, film capacitor made the metal foil as the electrode, both ends of the metal film and different plastic film from overlapping, winding into the cylinder. The differences characteristic of the film materials make the film capacitor reflects different performance. Among them, polypropylene film capacitor has good pressure impact resistance ability with strong self-healing performance. All these characteristics are especially suitable for application in high frequency, high pressure, high stability, high pulse and communication occasions. In the new energy cars, film capacitor was used in motor drive circuit, DC/DC conversion circuit, DC/AC conversion circuit, battery management system, etc.

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