Name: ZNP

Materials: Special Film Capacitors

Temperature: -40°C~+65°C

Voltage: 2.7V

Capacitance Range: 1F

The super capacitor has a fixed polarity. Prior to use, the polarity should be confirmed.

Basic characteristics
Items Specification
Reference Standard GB 10190   (IEC60384-16)
Climatic Category 40/105/21
Rated voltage(UR) 2.7 V
Rated capacitance(C) 1F
Capacitance tolerance -20%~+50%
Operating temperature range 40℃~+65℃
Maximum equivalent series resistance,RAC(1kHz) 400mΩ
Maximum leakage current(72hrs) 0.005mA
Maximum operating current(△T=15℃) 0.16 A
Maximum peak current 0.54 A
Maximum stored energy 0.0010 W.h
Energy density 1.69 Wh/kg
power density 972 W/kg


Feature & Application

1.super capacitor should be used at rated voltage: when exceeds the rated voltage, will lead to electrolyte decomposition,meanwhile the capacitor will heat up and capacity decline, internal resistance will increase, shorten the life, in some cases, can lead to the performance of capacitor breakdown;
2.Super capacitor can not be used in high frequency charge ordischarge circuit , fast charging and discharging in high frequency circuit will lead to internal heating and capacity decay ,intenal resistance increased. In some cases ,will lead to the performance of capacitor breakdown;
3.The life of the super capacitor: Ambient temperature has an important influence on the life of the super capacitor. The capacitor should be far away from the heat source;
4.when the super capacitor is used as backup power, must consider its instantaneous voltage drop ,due to super capacitor with high internal resistance characteristics, exists voltage drop in the moment of discharge , V=IR;
5.Use environment : the super capacitor can not be in the relative humidity is greater than 85%or containing toxic gases, these conditions will cause the leads and capacitor shell corrosion, resulting in circuit broken;
6.Super capacitor storage: super capacitor can not be placed in high temperature and high humidity environment, should be stored at -40+70℃ and relative humidity less than 60% , to avoid temperature sharply up and down, because it will cause damage to the product;
7.The use of super capacitor in the double-sided circuit board: when the super capacitor is used for double-sided circuit board, need to pay attention to the connection does not passby the place capacitor can reach,Otherwise,the installation way of the super capacitor will lead to a short circuit phenomenon;

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