Resonance Capacitor C85

Name: C85

Materials: Polypropylene Film

Temperature: -40℃~105℃(+85℃to +105℃:decreasing factor 1.25% per ℃ for VR(DC))

Voltage: 700V.DC ~3000 V.DC

Capacitance Range: 0.1µF ~8.0µF

Plastic box with Tinned copper nuts lead ,small size easy for installation. Widely used in series and parallel resonant circuit .used for welding and induction heating equipment resonance occasions.

Product details

1.Low ESL, Low ESR;
2.High pulse Current, high dv/dt characteristics;
3.High frequency and high current endurance.

Typical application

Widely used in half-bridge, full bridge’s resonant circuit of commercial induction cooker and induction heater.

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