DC-Link Capacitor C43

Name: C43

Materials: Polypropylene Film

Temperature: -40℃~85℃

Voltage: 500V.DC~1200V.DC

Capacitance Range: 24µF ~5600µF

Aluminum round package with large capacity and small size.it have high self-healing ,used for filtering energy storage in DC-Link circuit.it can replace electrolytic capacitors with long life.Used in wind power 、induction heating equipment and power supplies SVG.

Product details

1.Aluminum case with resin sealing. Flame retardant execution(UL94V-0);
2.Non-inductive winding with metalized polypropylene film;
3.Low ESR&Low ESL;
4.High frequency and low dissipation factor, high stability.

Typical application

Used in inverters of wind power and solar power; Transportation: EV or HEV; Welders, Elevators, Motor Driver systems

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