C51 1.53

C51 Snubber Capacitors

C51 snubber capacitors are capacitors that are used in electronic circuits to mitigate voltage spikes and reduce electromagnetic interference. With their high voltage resistance and low-temperature rise, these snubber capacitors are commonly used for electronic ballasts and electronic choke for tube light.

C51 peak voltage and peak current, used as IGBT Snubber. It can resistant to high voltage and low temperature rise.C51 snubber capacitors feature peak voltage and peak current and are commonly used as IGBT snubbers. It can be resistant to high voltage and low temperature rises.


Polypropylene Film





Capacitance Range

0.0068µF ~ 10.0µF

searchProduct details

  1. C51 snubber capacitors came with a mylar tape package, sealed with epoxy resin.

  2. C51 snubber capacitor has the ability of high- frequency ripple absorption.

  3. C51 snubber capacitor has a low stray inductance.

  4. C51 snubber capacitor provides a low loss and small inherent temperature rise.

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