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C12 Plastic Case High Voltage Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors/ Foil Capacitors

Introducing the C12 metalized polypropylene film capacitors. Polypropylene capacitors’ metal layer coat grants them excellent electrical properties, making the C12 foil capacitor the perfect choice for high pulse and high current loading circuits. Some of the most common applications of C12 polypropylene film capacitors include power factor correction, electronic ballast, and more.

C12 Polyproplene capacitors are widely used in high pulse and high current loading circuit, suitable for electronic ballast..


Polypropylene Film/Foil





Capacitance Range


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1. C12 film capacitors have a very high pulse strength.

2. The C12 foil capacitors ' self-healing properties.

3. C12 polypropylene capacitor is excellent in both flame retardant and moisture-proof.

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