C43 DC-Link Capacitors

Widely used in inverters of wind power and solar power, the C43 DC link capacitors are perfect for transportation, EV or HEV, welders, elevators, and motor driver systems. The C43 is a vital capacitor in a DC circuit. This DC capacitor helps maintain a stable voltage level on the DC bus by absorbing and releasing energy. The C43 DC link capacitors also have high self-healing and are used for filtering energy storage, making them longer-lasting than normal electrolytic capacitors. C43 dc capacitors feature an aluminum round package with a large capacity and a small design.

The C43 DC Link capacitors are usually used in wind power, induction heating equipment, and power supply SVG.


Polypropylene Film





Capacitance Range

24µF ~5600µF

searchProduct details

  1. C43 DC Link capacitors feature an aluminum case with resin sealing and flame-retardant execution (UL94V-0).

  2. C43 DC capacitors are non-inductively wound with metalized polypropylene film.

  3. C43 capacitors in a DC circuit have low ESR and low ESL.

  4. C43 DC capacitors feature high frequency and a low dissipation factor, which provide them with high stability.

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