As one of the most important electronic components that will drive industries to develop, the capacitor has been bathed in high expectations from numerous industries. DIN ELECTRONICS, as a professional capacitor manufacturer enjoying decades of experience, launched its latest self-developed SMD Y capacitors recently. Compared to the traditional Y capacitor, the new series has better performance. Keep reading for more information about the imperative product. 


Get to Know About Y Capacitors

Common-mode electric noise will be generated after electronic equipment is connected to the AC mains. The noise will lead to problems, deterring other equipment from linking to the same lines when permitted to return to the main supply line. At this time, Y capacitors are installed inside the equipment to filter the common-mode electric noise. 

SMD Y Capacitor’s Common Application:

SMD (Surface Mount Device) capacitors can be easy to place in any electronic device due to their robust performance and small body. And Y-capacitors have 4 sub-classes, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, which feature their peak voltage and peak impulse voltage that they can safely withstand. And according to multiple tests and measures: Y1 boasts the highest rated voltage and best peak impulse voltage endurance, thus a reliable electrical component for industrial applications. Then the Y2 to Y4 for residential applications. 

However, it is not a dead rule, and people should choose the right type of SMD Y capacitors for their specific demands.

SMD Capacitors VS Through-Hole Electrolytic Capacitors

DIN ELECTRINICS’ new SMD Y capacitors have the following updates in various aspects compared to the traditional through-hole electrolytic capacitors:


The materials and structure of pins gauge the performance of a capacitor. Traditional capacitors are made up of CP wires or, in other words, tin-coated copper-clad steel wires, whose quality depends largely on the copper. The thicker the coating is, the better the conductivity. 

However, because of the mixed materials inside, these types of materials are easy to erode and with lower electrical conductivity and stability. In contrast, our new SMD capacitors boast pure tin pins, contributing to greater conductivity and stability.


Our new SMD Y capacitor is a slice of the copper sheet whose welding chip enjoys a larger contact area to withstand high voltage better. In comparison, the traditional one has a smaller linear area and, thus, lower fluidity. Besides, the new SMD Y capacitors have a compact structure. The miniaturized body can be leveraged, supporting greater capacitance and withstanding higher pressure. What’s more, the updated Y capacitance can be folded and can save space for the circuit board to higher the PCB welding yield.

lCore technology

There are two upgrades in the core technologies in the new SMD Y capacitors. One is in welding, and the other is encapsulation. 

The updated capacitor has tin paste welding, which will facilitate CCD to detect the tin point to ensure smooth processing. After accessing the 15 meters nitrogen tunnel furnace, the surface of the welding is extremely temperature-proof, making it more capable of protecting the inside components. 

And for encapsulation, traditional capacitors manufacturers tend to roast the encapsulation powder for over 40 minutes at 130℃. It constantly brings leaky seams, bubbles, and impurities. However, our plastic encapsulation SMD Y capacitor adopts a special technique. We first melt the solid molding compound into liquid, which will then be injected into the mold and cooled down to solidify after 4 - 8 hours of freezing at -180℃. It is an effective way to ensure no bubbles and impurities inside to increase its performance. 

lPerformance & production

SMD Y capacitor

Traditional through hole Y capacitor

Temperature resistance (125for 1000hrs)


Cold and hot shock tests

Up to 1000 cycle times

About 200 cycle times

Damp-Heat Test (Double 85 Test) for 1000hrs


Pressure cooker testing (PCT)

[PCT for 121℃, 2 ATM., 100%RH and 24h]


Other capability

Processing 260 reflow mounting and wave soldering

Processing wave welding only


SMT automatic surface pasting

Manufacture manually



Now you may have a clear idea about our new SMD Y capacitors, and for more information about them, contact us or visit our website

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