In the intricate landscape of polypropylene capacitor technology, DIN Electronics emerges as a trailblazer, consistently demonstrating a commitment to excellence. Our prowess is vividly exemplified through the C28 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor, a technological marvel engineered to redefine standards in resilience, stability, and versatility.


Unraveling the Engineering Excellence of C28 Capacitors

High-Voltage Resilience: The hallmark of our C28 capacitor lies in its design, meticulously crafted to withstand high excess voltage shocks. This exceptional resilience not only ensures the durability of the capacitor itself but also enhances the overall reliability in applications characterized by demanding and unpredictable voltage fluctuations.

Negative Temperature Coefficient: A standout feature of the C28 capacitors is their negative temperature coefficient of capacitance. This attribute bestows upon them the ability to maintain stability across varying temperature conditions. Regardless of the environmental extremes, these capacitors stand unwavering, ensuring consistent performance in diverse operating scenarios.

Flame Retardant and Moisture-Proof: Safety and reliability are paramount considerations in any capacitor application. The C28 capacitors rise to the occasion by exhibiting excellent flame retardancy and moisture resistance. This dual capability not only safeguards the capacitor against environmental elements but also ensures operational reliability in diverse and challenging environments.


Technical Mastery in C28 Capacitors Unveiled

Materials: The foundation of the C28 capacitors rests on the robust Polypropylene Film construction, emphasizing the resilience and longevity of these components. This choice of materials aligns with our commitment to delivering capacitors that can withstand the test of time and operating conditions.

Temperature Range: Operational flexibility is a key attribute of the C28 series, capable of thriving in temperature extremes ranging from -40°C to 105°C. This wide temperature range guarantees stability and functionality, even in the harshest environmental conditions.

Voltage and Capacitance Range: The adaptability of the C28 capacitors is further underscored by the comprehensive range of voltage options, spanning from 250V to 2000V. Simultaneously, the capacitance range from 0.00022μF to 1.8μF ensures that these capacitors cater to a diverse spectrum of application needs, from the most intricate circuits to high-demanding systems.


Diverse Applications of C28 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors

The versatility and resilience of C28 capacitors position them as the optimal choice for an array of applications, particularly in high-voltage, high-frequency, and pulse circuit scenarios:

Electronic Ballast and Compact Lamps: Widely embraced in electronic ballasts and compact lamps, the C28 capacitors play a pivotal role in ensuring stable and efficient operations. Their ability to withstand high-frequency demands and voltage fluctuations makes them indispensable in modern lighting systems.

High-Voltage, High-Frequency Circuits: Crucial components in circuits demanding resilience to high voltages and frequencies, C28 capacitors prove their mettle in applications where precision and reliability are non-negotiable.


Conclusion: Forging Capacitor Solutions Beyond Excellence

DIN Electronics, as a vanguard of innovation and reliability, takes pride in presenting the C28 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors. For inquiries about our capacitor solutions or to explore our extensive range of high-quality products, we invite you to contact us. Partner with DIN Electronics, and entrust us as your strategic collaborator, delivering capacitor solutions that not only drive efficiency and reliability but also set new benchmarks in technological excellence for your projects.

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