As renowned capacitor manufacturers committed to technical excellence, our team at Din electronics is proud to present the exceptional C82 Resonance Capacitors. These high-voltage film capacitors combine cutting-edge technology with a compact design, offering outstanding performance and reliability. With features such as high voltage and heavy current resistance, low running temperature, and long product lifetime, our C82 Resonance Capacitors are revolutionizing series and parallel resonant circuits in various industries.


C82 Resonance Capacitors: Harnessing the Power of High-Voltage Film Technology

At the core of our C82 Resonance Capacitors lies high-voltage film technology. Encased in a robust plastic box, these capacitors are designed to withstand demanding conditions while ensuring optimal performance. The incorporation of tinned copper wire further enhances their structural integrity, guaranteeing exceptional electrical conductivity and reliability. With their compact size, C82 Resonance Capacitors enable easy installation in a wide range of applications.


Enhancing System Efficiency: The Advantages of C82 Polypropylene Capacitors

Our C82 Polypropylene Capacitors are engineered to deliver exceptional performance in resonance circuits. The combination of high voltage and heavy current resistance makes them ideal for absorbing and protecting peak voltage and peak current. Additionally, their low running temperature ensures system stability and contributes to extended product lifetime. With C82 Resonance Capacitors, you can enhance the efficiency of your systems while enjoying long-term reliability.


Compact in Design, High in Performance: Easy Installation with C82 Capacitors

We understand the significance of seamless integration and ease of installation in modern electronic systems. The compact design of our C82 Resonance Capacitors allows for easy and convenient installation in various applications. The small form factor enables efficient use of space, making them the preferred choice for space-constrained projects. Whether used in photovoltaic inverters, electronic ballasts, or medical power supplies, C82 Capacitors deliver exceptional performance without compromising ease of installation.



In summary, C82 Resonance Capacitors from Din electronics represent a breakthrough in high-voltage film capacitor technology. With their ability to withstand demanding conditions, low running temperature, and optimal performance in resonance circuits, these capacitors provide exceptional value to various industries. Our commitment to technological innovation and product excellence enables us to deliver compact, high-performance solutions that empower your systems and drive efficiency.

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