C85 2248
C85 2248
C85 2249

C85 Resonance Capacitors

Widely used in half-bridge, full bridge’s resonant circuit of commercial induction cooker and induction heater.  Plastic box with Tinned copper nuts lead , small size easy for installation. Widely used in series and parallel resonant circuit .used for welding and induction heating equipment resonance occasions.


Polypropylene Film


-40~105℃(+85℃to +105℃:decreasing factor 1.25% per ℃ for VR(DC))


700V.DC ~3000 V.DC

Capacitance Range


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  1. Low ESL, low ESR.
  2. High pulse Current, high dv/dt characteristics.
  3. High frequency and high current endurance.
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