C43 DC-Link Capacitors

Widely used in inverters of wind power and solar power, Transportation, EV or HEV, Welders, Elevators, Motor Driver systems.  Aluminum round package with large capacity and small size. It have high self-healing, used for filtering energy storage in the DC-Link circuit.it can replace electrolytic capacitors with long life. Used in wind power 、induction heating equipment and power supplies SVG.


Polypropylene Film





Capacitance Range

24µF ~5600µF

searchProduct details

  1. Aluminum case with resin sealing. Flame retardant execution(UL94V-0).
  2. Non-inductive winding with metalized polypropylene film.
  3. Low ESR&Low ESL.
  4. High frequency and low dissipation factor, high stability.
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