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Power Equipment

In the power electronic equipment, film capacitor was more widely in the circuit. Especially in the photovoltaic inverter industry, In photovoltaic inverter equipment the capacitor put it from DC to AC. Input it use an DC-LINK capacitor for energy storage(MKP-FS/FC).Then through the IGBT modules let DC interfering to AC use MKP-HA/HS capacitor do buffer absorbing. After invertering the AC voltage through the AC-Filter capacitor (MKP-AB/AS) to filter out the noise wave, make the current ripple smoothly for use. These capacitors have high plus current capacity and dv/dt.


1. Widely used in power electronic equipment when the peak voltage, peak current absorption protection

2. Widely used in power electronic devices in series/parallel resonant circuit;

3. Welding, power supplies, induction heating equipment resonance occasions.

MKP-AS, C43, C51, C53, MKP-RT, MKP-RS, C52

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