inveter 2



Capacitor mainly acts as the rectifier filter in the Inverter circuit.

Power input using three-phase AC through the bridge rectifier output the DC pulse. In this part we can use MKP-FT/FS that can better withstand the high pulse current and resistance high voltage.

In the circuit, using the IGBT snubber capacitor (MKP-HA/HS) can do a good buffer absorbing. After the IGBT the output voltage in secondary reduction voltage it needs a coupling blocking capacitor (MKP-AS/AC) to rectifier filter and output. That realizes the whole inversion process from low frequency to high frequency.


C75, C43, C53, MKP-RT, C52


1. Widely used in DC-Link circuit for filtering energy storage;

2. Can replace electrolytic capacitors, better performance and longer life;

3. Wind power, photovoltaic power inverter.