Electric vehicles power


Electric Vehicles Power

The charging pile acts as the electric vehicle power supply device. It’s charging performance will influent the lifetime and charging time. General divided into AC charging and DC charging.

In the input circuit use X2 capacitor to be the EMI anti-interference capacitor. Change from AC to DC after rectifying bridge. Then through the DC energy storage (MKP-FS/FC) filter out the noise wave. The output voltage will meet with the requirements of the battery charging. While after filtering use the IGBT snubber capacitor (MKP-HS/HA) to absorb the high frequency pulse current and through the resonance capacitor (MKP-RS) with the inductor, reach the function of frequency selective and get the AC voltage and frequency.


C62, C43/C42, C54/C51, MKP-RS


1. Widely used in DC-Link circuit for filtering energy storage;
2. Can replace electrolytic capacitors, better performance and longer life;
3. Supper capacitor used in AC charging point and DC charging point.
4. Wind power, photovoltaic power inverter; electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles; welding