X2 Capacitor widely used in Meter products - CSD capacitor

X2 capacitors are required to achieve a stable performance during operational life while meeting safety requirements. The metalized film dielectric is a key factor with regards to the safety aspect. For example, the polypropylene dielectric provides excellent self-healing characteristics. However, improvements were necessary to maintain stability in high temperature and high humidity environments. CSD engineer recognized this challenges and researched materials that would produce more robust parts for extreme applications. As a result, improvements to all of the major capacitor components have been implemented, including the metallization layer, the film used as the dielectric, the resin which fills the package, and the box . X2 capacitors are used not only for EMI suppression. Thanks to their robustness and resistance to humidity and high temperatures, they are also suitable for voltage dividers in capacitive power supplies – for example, those of smart meter.( www.csdcapacitor.com ) .

On Nov 1st ,CSD Electronic Co., Ltd will attend The 33rd International Seminar & Exhibition on Electromagnetic Measurement Technology, Standard and Product 2016 in Dongguan Regal Palace Hotel. In this exhibition ,we will show various film capacitors including the X2 safety capacitor for the meter . The professional staff are at your service to help with enquiries and offer recommendations. You are welcome to visit our booth C67.

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