Resonance Capacitor mkp-rs

Name: MKP-RS

Materials: Polypropylene Film

Temperature: -40°C ~ 105°C

Voltage: 700V.DC ~ 3000V.DC

Capacitance Range: 0.1μF~8μF

Used in power electronic devices in series, parallel resonant circuit,when the peak voltage and current absorption protection.

Product details

1.Plastic, Sealed with epoxy resin;
2.Tin-plated copper inserts leads, easy installation for IGBT;
3.Resistance to high voltage, low tgδ, low temperature rise;
4.Low ESL and ESR;
5.High pulse Current.

Feature & Application

1.IGBT Snubber;
2.Widely used in power electronic equipment when the peak voltage, peak current absorption protection

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