1. Our Production Process

Winding,Hot-Pressing,vacuum-baking,Package paper,irrigate glue,Welding,Take Down,Metal spraying,Printing,Outlook inspection,Electric inspection,Packaging


2. Equipment

Winding Machine: The winding machine is one of the famous advanced winding machine in the world, adopted in our company is computerized numerical controlled (CNC) by MCU & gate circuit ICs, featuring high-level precision, excellent efficiency etc.

        widing machine

Hot pressing(Flatten): The element of capacitor come into being after winding & all of the elements produced are being vacuum-baked after winding, which helps totally get rid of the air bulb & in good control of reasonable moisture. With accomplishment of these necessary processing, the capacitor elements are in the perfect lamination status.

         Hot pressing

Metal welding-spray: The metal spray processing methodology adopted is “electric arc spray”, ensures entire coverage of the surface & even spread in thickness with tolerance range, which is of high efficiency & reaches the top quality standards globally.

        Metal welding spray

Epoxy Resin Filling: The capacitor epoxy resin filling process methodology adopted is "vacuum-pump, vacuum baking, vacuum re-baking"

        Epoxy Resin Filling


3. Detective Methods

In mass produce, every process needs to be strictly inspect by QC.We take constant temperature contral when the element in Hot-pressing,it can effeciently avoid phsical reaction which caused by the repidly temperature change to result in the element damage.It also can eliminate air bubbles and make the core fit closely between the film and film,reduce the nosie of capacitor when it working.This is also one of features of our process. Our products will completely use electric inspection method.According to the C/TV/IR/DF to inspect and select the qualified products.The test value will be increased to 2 times which were on the basis of customer’s requirements and superior to the international rules of 1.6 times. So that to ensure the products 100% qualified.

Before shipment, the professional QC will inspect the C/Tv/IR/DF,the appearance and the printing etc. After inspection , it will be handling by delivery personnel or logistic company.We have signed an agreement with many international logistics companies.To ensure the goods can intact to the customer.