Factory Introduction

Shenzhen Chuangshiding Electronic Co.,Ltd. founded in 2001, professional produce and sales metallized film capacitors. The main products are metallized polyester film capacitors, metallized polypropylene film capacitors, the X2 safety capacitors, DC-link capacitors , IG absorption capacitor, high voltage resonant capacitor, widely used in home appliances, energy-saving electric meter, switch power, wind power inverter, photovoltaic inverter, hybrid cars, high-frequency switching power supply, welding power source, plating power supply, UPS, SVG, induction heating equipment and other industries.

The company has a series of management mechanism and continuously improve.

Our Certification











Technical Advantage

We have an independent product reliability laboratory,We have a department with 40 years of experience of the core management to select and lead the our team who are Senior industry professional research and development personnel focus on the film capacitor research and development ,new technology processing and the high frequency and large current products in Sensor industry.

Production Environment

We execute the rules of the ROSH strictly. During product different products, room temperature is in the control,which can avoid the bad impact on product quality. All of the stuff with the uniform must enter the clean room before entering the workshop, the clean room can reach level of 300000. We execute the 7s to manage the plant. In the warehouse, the GB is carried out to get an appropriate storage environment. To reach the GB standard, the store is equipped with dedicated equipment and ventilation equipment, guaranteeing the product dry and ventilated warehouse space.

In the past decade, company adhere to the “people-oriented” ,the mechanism of innovation, the development of the management idea, management on the pursuit of continuous progress, technical excellence, quality in the pursuit of excellence as the goal.Company development steadily and strongly ,Fight for the film capacitor industry.

Quality system

We have got the ISO9001 quality system certification and upgrade to ISO9001-2008 in 2011.The X2 products have passed the UL,VDE,RHOS etc.The raw material imported from the famous brand company of Japan,German and Korea.

Raw Material

The ancillary film adopted in our company is all imported famous brand. Its main compounding component is high purity polypropylene resin, which makes the film hold solid characteristics of low shrinkage, high mechanical strength, high dielectric strength, thickness symmetrical-distributed in both vertical & horizontal directions etc. All these characteristics ultimately ensure the ancillary film anti-stretching, anti-impact &stab-resistant, not only adhesive to the manufacturing process of capacitors working under crucial ambient environment as well as AC/DC dielectric capacitor, but also adhesive to the excellent characteristics of self-healing after vaporized deposition. Moreover, films is one of the best choices as raw material in manufacturing film capacitors for its low dissipation factor, high electrical resistance.

The epoxy resin adhesive adopted in our company is all imported with ROHS compliance & no low molecular volatile matter. The solid linear expansion epoxy curing compound is relatively small, which results in small internal stress & low affection in adhesive strength. In addition, the adhesive layer is relatively more stable due to low creep deformation in epoxy curing compound. Film is well equipped with characteristics such as anti-corrosion, good dielectric property, acid resistant, alkali resistant,salt resistant, anti-solvent corrosion etc.

Quality Assurance

The management of quality department have occupied in QC of film capacitor industry for more than ten years.Lead the QC department,take strictly control and inspection for each process.Strictly according the ROHS standards and internal quality control requirements to inspect the incoming material.Based on the International standard of VDE/UL/IEC etc to control the quality of products .May also require full inspection in individual positions and attach the inspection reports,guarantee the products 100%rate.

ISO9001 Certification